Enjoy the Winter Scenery with a Sleigh Ride in Park City

A sleigh ride in Park City is a perfect yet simple way to enjoy the winter scenery in the area. You can make it a family event or a romantic date as you enjoy breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountains. A sleigh ride on the mountains can be a great way to unwind after a day of skiing or snowboarding. In Park City there are several companies, for example, Park City condo rentals that can offer this beautiful relaxing activity.

Rocky Mountain Sleigh Company

This company offers the “Adventures at The Stillman Ranch” which comprises of sleigh rides which focus on taking participants as far away from development as possible. Travel in style as the ride carries participants through the woods and right by the river and so offers a truly incomparable sightseeing experience. They also offer dinner/sleigh combinations.

Boulder Mountain Ranch

Another company which offers a sleigh ride/dinner combination, the Boulder Mountain Ranch operates sleigh rides for families and individual persons. The rides primarily go through the mountainside of the Deer Valley Ski Resort. The sleighs can hold from 2 up to 10 persons.

Canyons Scenic Sleigh Rides

Canyons Resort offers 30 minute sleigh rides which depart from the Ski Beach close to the top of the Frostwood Gondola and through Willow Draw.They also offer the Private Vi-Sa-Vi sleigh ride which holds up to five passengers. Skiing in the day and then experiencing a relaxing night sleigh ride is a great way to spend one’s day.

Hatcreek Outfitters

The Hatcreek Outfitters Company offers sleigh rides to the mountain meadows which feature abundant wildlife and bird watching. They boast over 50 years’ experience in the industry with knowledgeable and experienced guides.While on vacation, this would be a great experience for families or individual persons.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters

This company offers sleigh rides around the Homestead Resort which is one of the oldest and the best resorts in Park City Utah. The ride features breath-taking views of the Wasatch Mountains and there are sleighs to accommodate large groups. During November and December there are also special sleigh rides to see Santa Claus, this would be a great experience for kids.There are also sleigh rides which features travel to the beautiful unbelievable Ice Castle which is made of thousands of icicles. These rides are great for viewing the Soldier Hollow and Heber Valley areas.

Sleigh rides in Park City are popular and greatly enjoyed by locals and visitors. The Snowed Inn Sleigh Company is one of the most popular used companies in Park City. The Snowed Inn Sleigh Company offers sleigh and dinner combinations which last up to two and a half hours. There is a sleigh ride from the base of the resort to the mountain lodge where participants can enjoy a sumptuous meal and enjoy the scenery along with live music. There is also a return sleigh ride to the base of the resort. The Deer Valley Ski Resort is located only 2.7 miles away from the Snowed Inn Sleigh Company and so would be a good option for a little fun after skiing at Deer Valley.


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