Tremblant villages

Six different ways to enjoy Tremblant Nightlife

Are you looking for a way to unwind the night just between adults? After you experience a big day hitting the slopes of Mont Tremblant as well as playing outside, as well as shopping you can then indulge yourself with music, energy, foods as well as drinks offered in one of the 6 different nightlife environments that are found in the Tremblant villages, learn more here!

The Mellow Mood

Look for a place where you can access and enjoy the largest selection of

• Scotches
• Whiskeys
• cocktails
• martinis

All this is accessible for in the region of the Le Lounge a good destination from the Mont Tremblant chalet rentals. Here you can decompress after a long day with drinks as well in one of the trendiest atmospheres in Mont Tremblant.

The old school pub

Here you will you have a test for original beers that are brewed on the site, there is still appetizing European sausages as well as a variety of other appetizing dishes that are a full of pub menu. The La Diable Microbrewery is the place to be; the bar offers an authentic atmosphere of the tradition English pub. If that feels more tempting, then you can leave your skis at the doors of your Mont Tremblant accommodations where you can enjoy one of the local’s favorite hotspots. If you are ever in Jackson Hole, there are also some great little pubs just like this one that you can go to. For more information, check out the White Buffalo Club.

The fantastic Après-ski party

The best bars in Mont Tremblant P’tit Caribou that is considered by several magazines to offer the best services where you can spend the nightfall. The P’tit Caribou has been a must for the nightlife goers of Tremblant for over 20 years. It’s a large bar that will definitely invite you for a dance; the atmosphere is ever with a lively music as well as family style Chalet Mont Tremblant chalet rental the spot to live an unforgettable après-ski experience.

Take a chance

Take an opportunity with the altitude restaurant Seafood, as well as Grill, is a perfect place for a tasty cuisine in a trendy as well as the warm setting. Here you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mont Tremblant. For those who love casino can enjoy the Casino Mont-Tremblant and take the opportunity of trying the many casino games, as well as cards. The amazing thing is you can get there with the use of the Casino Express gondola as well as delight in the incredible view.

Dancing the night away

The Café d’Époque has a somewhat ironic name. Besides being a coffee house, your grandparent used to be frequent. It is a home to the youthful fever as well as energy. It’s rated the number one nightclub in the Mont Tremblant, as well as the live DJ, is there each night from 9pm to 3 am, the dance should keep you going for the better part of the evening.

Tremblant villages

If you are in the quest for Classy affair, then the Nansen Lounge Fairmont Tremblant is the best to choose. If you prefer sitting at the bar or even relaxing on the sofa with a fireplace near. At most time, you can sit down in one of the comfortable chairs near the large windows. This can kill the night while you wait time to back on your Mont Tremblant Accommodations


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